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Download PDF   Download Word Document     Incident / Accident Report (Updated 3/21/05)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Publicity and Photo Release Form (Updated 1/5/17)

Download PDF              Reasonable Accommodations (Updated 10/7/16)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Room Reservation Form (Updated 8/16/14)

Download Rubric for the Design of In-Class Observation PDF   Download Rubric for the Design of In-Class Observation Word Document     Rubric for the Design of In-Class Observation (Updated 11/20/17)

Download Spredsheet              Travel/Expense Voucher (Updated 1/7/20) (Note: Save file before opening it)

Download PDF              Van Reservation Form (Updated 10/14/14)

Download PDF              Volunteer Policy (Updated 1/23/12)

Download PDF              Waiver and Release of Liability (Updated 10/14/14)

Work Orders / Requests

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Computer Services Work Order (Updated 8/4/00)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Experiential Learning Request Form (Updated 9/18/14)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Facilities / Housekeeping Work Order (Updated 11/23/99)

Download PDF              Guest Request Form

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Stipend Memo - Non-Employee (Updated 2/29/20)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Stipend Memo - Employee (Updated 2/29/20)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Maintenance Room Set Up Form (Updated 9/10/15)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Room Request Form (Updated 04/14/15)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Request for Library Tour/Instruction (Updated 8/15/08)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Tuition Benefit (Updated 05/03/13)

Academic Forms

                    Online Academic Alert

                    Academic Misconduct Report

         Download Word Document    Tutoring Referral Form (Updated August 12, 2016)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Administrative Drop Form (Updated February 26, 2015)

Download PDF              Administrative Withdrawal Form

         Download C and A Guidelines for Course Addition or Revision Word Document    C&A Guidelines for Course Addition or Revision

         Download Word Document    C&A Mapping Rubric for '17 - '18 (Updated October 27, 2017)

         Download C and A Map Sample Spredsheet    C&A Map Sample (Uploaded October 27, 2017) (Note: Save file before opening it)

Download C and A defining i e r a PDF Document              C&A defining i,e,r,a (Uploaded October 27, 2017)

Download PDF              Degree Completion & Graduate Programs Withdrawal Form

Download PDF   Download Word Document     External Activity Form (Updated August 22, 2006)

         Download Word Document    Grade Change Form

Download PDF              Incomplete Grade Form

Download PDF              Student Online Grading Instructions

         Download Word Document    Syllabus Template 2018 (Updated August 2, 2018)

Professional Development

Download Professional Development Form PDF   Download Professional Development Form Word Document     Professional Development Request Form

         Download Conference Wrap-up Template Word Document     Conference Wrap-up Form

Download Annual Faculty Self-Evaluation PDF   Download Annual Faculty Self-Evaluation Form Word Document     Annual Faculty Self-Evaluation Form (Record of the Annual Faculty Evaluation) (updated April 25, 2018)

Download Annual Faculty Self-Evaluation Form section 3 PDF   Download Annual Faculty Self-Evaluation Form section 3 Word Document     Annual Faculty Plan for Professional Development (corresponds to Section III of the Annual Faculty Self-Evaluation Form)

Download Promotion and Tenure Application PDF   Download Promotion and Tenure Application Word Document     Promotion and Tenure Application (updated April 25, 2018)

Download Department Chair Evaluation PDF              Department Chair Evaluation Form

Faculty Resources

More faculty resources may be found at the Faculty Resources Page.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty resources may be found at the Adjunct Faculty Page.

Human Resources

CCSJ Directory

All on-campus telephone numbers begin with area code 219 followed by 473-4 plus the three-digit extension. If you live in the 773 area code, dial 721-0202 and ask for the extension listed below. If you live outside of either area code, use our toll-free number (877) 700-9100 and ask for the extension listed in the Phone List below.

Phone List Search CCSJ Directory

CCSJ E-mail

Important Documents

Policy & Procedures

Instructions and Templates

Download Word Document              Policy and Procedure Document (Checklist) (Updated 10/13/15)

Download Word Document              Policy and Procedure Document (Workflow Template) (Updated 10/13/15)

Download Word Document              Policy and Procedure Document (Instruction & Example) (Updated 10/13/15)

Academic Affairs

Download PDF              AA 1.3 Dean's and President's Lists

Download PDF              AA 2.3 Academic Alerts (CCSJ Traditional Students Only)

Download PDF              AA 3.3 Course Cancellations

Download PDF              AA 4.2 Application for Directed Study

Download PDF              AA 5.3 Course Waivers

Download PDF              AA 6.3 Course Substitutions

Download PDF              AA 7.2 Hiring of Student Tutors

Download PDF              AA 8.3 Classroom Assignments

Download PDF              AA 9.2 Learning Communities

Download PDF              AA 10.1 Assessment (General Education)

Download PDF              AA 11.2 Orientation Class P&P Document

Download PDF              AA 12.2 Traditional Student Administrative Drop for Non-Attendance

Download PDF              AA 13.2 Institutional Surveys and Reports

Download PDF              AA 14.2 Traditional Student Withdrawal

Download PDF              AA 15.2 Professional development request

Download PDF              AA 17.2 Career Advising

Download PDF              AA 18.1 Graduate Assistant Fellowship Hiring Process

Download PDF              AA 19.1 Commencement

Download PDF              AA 24.1 Hiring of Faculty Tutors

Download PDF              AA 27.2 Registration – Degree Completion Students and Graduate Program Students

Download PDF              AA 28.2 LEAP – Life Experience Assessment Program Process

Download PDF              AA 29.1 General Education Number I - Curriculum Map Updates

Download PDF              AA 29.2 General Education Number I - Portfolio Assignments

Download PDF              AA 29.3 General Education Number I - Signature Assignments

Academic Support

Download PDF              AS 1.3 Academic Planner

Download PDF              AS 2.2 PACE Intake

Download PDF              AS 4.1 Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA)

Download PDF              AS 5.3 Tutoring Center Exam Proctoring

Download PDF              AS 6.2 Co-Curricular Activities Transcript

Download PDF              AS 7.2 Book Orders for Degree Completion and Graduate Programs

                    AS 8.1 Requesting Blackboard Course Site (See V.P. for Academic Affairs)

Download PDF              AS 9.1 Reporting Instructional Equipment Problems

Download PDF              AS 10.2 Classroom Exam Proctoring

Download PDF              AS 11.2 Internship Program

Download PDF              AS 12.1 Coordinated Practica

Download PDF              AS 14.2 Traditional Student Administrative Drop for Nonattendance Policy

Download PDF              AS 16.1 Commencement

Download PDF              AS 17.2 Traditional Student Withdrawal

Budget and Finance

Download PDF              BF 1.1 Annual Budget Procedures

Download PDF              BF 2.1 General Ledger Account Creation and Deletion Procedure

Download PDF              BF 3.1 Grant Accounting Process and Procedures

Download PDF              BF 4.1 Daily Business Office Close and Integration Process

Download PDF              BF 7.2 Payroll Posting

Download PDF              BF 8.1 Accounting Month End Close

Download PDF              BF 9.1 Accounting Fiscal Year End Close

Download PDF              BF 10.1 Annual Financial Audit Procedures

Download PDF              BF 11.1 Purchase of Goods and Services

Download PDF              BF 12.2 Student Account Billing Process

Download PDF              BF 13.1 Employee Travel and Expense Reinbursement

Download PDF              BF 14.1 Credit Card Usage and Reconciliation

Download PDF              BF 15.1 Restricted Fund Transfer

Download PDF              BF 16.2 Student Accounts and Collections

Download PDF              BF 17.1 Employee Computer Loan Program

Download PDF              BF 18.1 1098T Process

Download PDF              BF 19.1 Financial Aid Bookstore Voucher Processing Procedure

Computer Services

Download PDF              CS 1.2 User Account Creation Process

Download PDF              CS 2.2 Computer Use Policy Violation Response

Download PDF              CS 3.2 Computer Services Work Orders

Download PDF              CS 4.2 Interdepartmental Charge Process

Download PDF              CS 5.2 Computer Services Equipment Rotation Process

Download PDF              CS 6.1 Computer Services Equipment Disposal Process

Download PDF              CS 7.1 Computer Services Inventory Process

Download PDF              CS 8.1 Server Backup and Restore Process

Development and Alumni

Download DA 7.1 gift receipt acknowledgement PDF              DA 1.3 Gift Receipt Acknowledgement Policy

Download DA 1.3 PDF              DA 1.3 Gift Receipt and Acknowledgement Process

Download DA 1.3 Deposit Slip PDF              DA 1.3 Attach OIA Daily Deposit Slip

Download DA 3.1 contributions PDF              DA 3.1 Contributions to the College through Payroll Deduction

Download DA 3.1 payroll deduction PDF              DA 3.1 Payroll Deduction Form 19

Download DA 4.1 gala PDF              DA 4.1 Annual Trustees’ Scholarship Gala

Download DA 4.1 work plan PDF              DA 4.1 Gala Work Plan

Download DA 6.1 adding alumni code PDF              DA 6.1 Adding Alumni Code (1A) to Grads

Download DA 7.1 processing matching gifts PDF              DA 7.1 Processing Matching Gifts Policy

Download DA 7.1 processing matching gifts PDF              DA 7.1 Processing Matching Gifts Process

Enrollment Management

Download PDF              EM 1.4 Admissions Process for Undergraduates

Download PDF              EM 2.2 Graduate Programs Admissions

Download PDF              EM 3.1 CCSJ Student Registration

Download PDF              EM 4.1 Registration - Degree-Completion and Graduate

Download PDF              EM 5.1 Ancilla Registration (new students only)

Download PDF              EM 6.1 Ancilla Registration (current and returning students)

Download PDF              EM 7.1 Traditional CCSJ Non-Attendance Policy

Download PDF              EM 8.2 CLEP Program

Download PDF              EM 9.2 Admissions Process for undergraduate transfer students

Download PDF              EM 10.2 Admissions Process for GED students

Download PDF              EM 11.1 LEAP Work Flow

Financial Aid

Download PDF              FA 1.2 Financial Aid Packaging

Download PDF              FA 2.2 Add Drop Withdrawal Financial Aid Policy

Download PDF              FA 3.2 Reconciliation Process

Download PDF              FA 4.1 Pell ACG SMART

Download PDF              FA 5.1 Loan Application Process

Download PDF              FA 6.5 Work Study Process

Download PDF              FA 7.1 Consortium Agreements

Download PDF              FA 8.1 Educational Grant Funding G5 Procedure

Download PDF              FA 9.1 Satisfactory Academic Progress Process

Download PDF              FA 10.2 Financial Aid Professional Judgment

Download PDF              FA 11.3 Financial Aid Office Visits

Download PDF              FA 12.1 Verification

Facilities and Security

Download PDF              FS 1.3 Mailroom Procedures

Download PDF              FS 2.3 College Emergency Notification System

Download PDF              FS 3.1 Facilities Work Orders

Download PDF              FS 4.1 Emergency Procedures Plan with Emergency Procedures Handbook

Download PDF              FS 5.1 Clery Act Compliance Policy

Download PDF              FS 7.1 Hazard Communication Program

Download PDF              FS 8.1 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Program

Download PDF              FS 9.1 Personal Protective Equipment Program

Download PDF              FS 10.1 Respiratory Protection Policy Program

Download PDF              FS 11.1 Hot Work Safety Program

Download PDF              FS 12.1 Hearing Conservation Program

Download PDF              FS 13.1 Confined Space Entry (CSE) Program

Download PDF              FS 16.2 Asbestos Awareness

Download PDF              FS 27.2 Electrical Safety Program

Human Resources

Download PDF              HR 1.2 The Non-Faculty New Hire Process

Download PDF              HR 2.2 Resignation and Termination Processes

Download PDF              HR 3.1 Job Descriptions

Download PDF              HR 4.1 Work Schedule Policy and Procedure

Download PDF              HR 5.2 Processing Payroll

Download PDF              HR 6.2 Processing Changes in Payroll

Download PDF              HR 7.1 Processing Payroll Garnishments

Download PDF              HR 8.1 Tracking and Logging Vacation and Sick Time

Download PDF              HR 9.1 FMLA Leaves of Absence and Maintaining Medical Files

Download PDF              HR 10.1 Worker's Compensation Claims

Download PDF              HR 11.2 Employment Verifications on Prospective Employees

Download PDF              HR 12.1 Human Resources Documents and Records Retention Schedule

Download PDF              HR 13.1 Completing and Tracking College Assets Assigned to Employees

Download PDF              HR 14.1 Auditing and Reconciling Insurance Payments and Billing

Download PDF              HR 15.1 Performance Management Systems

Download PDF              HR 17.1 Catering and Room Set-Up

Download PDF              HR 18.2 Non-Faculty Compensation Systems

Download PDF              HR 20.4 Title IX

Library Services

Download PDF              LS 1.3 Photo ID CardsLS 2.1 Circulation

Download PDF              LS 2.3 Circulation

Download PDF              LS 3.2 Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

Download PDF              LS 4.3 Media Scheduling

Download PDF              LS 5.3 Library Instruction

Download PDF              LS 8.1 Collection Development and Management (CDM)

Marketing and Advertising

Download PDF              MA 1.3 Branding

Download PDF              MA 2.2 Consumer Information and Disclosure Requirements
                    Consumer Information Form

Download PDF              MA 3.1 Website Changes
                    Website Changes Contact

Student Life

Download PDF              SL 1.1 Career Advising

Download PDF              SL 5.2 Student Althlete Medical Insurance

Download PDF              SL 6.3 Disability Services Process

Download PDF              SL 7.1 Cash and Equivalents

Download PDF              SL 8.1 Posting of Monthly Department Charges in Bookstore

Download PDF              SL 9.1 Textbook Adoption, Purchase and Buyback

CCSJ Fact Book

Download 2018 to 2019 Fact Book PDF             CCSJ Fact Book 2018 - 2019 (updated February 1, 2019)

Download 2017 to 2018 Fact Book PDF             CCSJ Fact Book 2017 - 2018

Concerns & Complaints